JE:D – Jazz Ensemble Düsseldorf

The JAZZensemble düsseldorf is a musical platform in exchange with other cities and twin cities. It comprises an extended network of musicians and artists from all over the world and is constantly communicating with other art genres such as classic, new music, dance, theatre and fine arts. Their performance always involves an exchange with the attending audience.

The jazzENSEMBLE düsseldorf is a collective of jazz musicians from Düsseldorf – everyone for himself a professional musician, teacher, composer and arranger. Almost all of the musicians have been honored with the city’s advancement award. Each musician is an experienced national and international player, and they are all related with each other in jazz and Düsseldorf.

The jazzensemble DÜSSELDORF is a creative think tank representing the city’s culture and reinventing its music. The topic is Düsseldorf, music is its language. The musical performance refers to Kraftwerk, Düsseldorf carnival, Heine and “Hosen”. The input is manifold and poses a fascinating challenge to the expert composers and experienced players. The musical freedom and flexibility of jazz is the framework of this project.