The Indigo Jazzlounge presents classic jazz standards with sophisticated new interpretations – elegant, pure and authentic. Sebastian Gahler is the pianist and arranger of this top class quartet, which performs unusually stripped-back and relaxed versions of evergreens such as When I Fall in Love or Night and Day. With danceable pop and soul covers such as Ain’t No Mountain High Enoughor Sing It Back, on the other hand, the Jazzlounge is transformed into a Pop Lounge. Inga Lühning, one of Germany’s most sought-after singers, makes the pieces sparkle with her brilliance and feeling. The rhythms are provided by Nico Brandenburg (bass) and Niklas Schneider (drums). The distinctive Indigo sound is evident not only on their first CD Moondance, but can also be heard on various Bar Compilations released by Warner Music.